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Hearing Care And Hearing Aid Services

At Hearing Healthcare Centers, we do our best to provide you with a wide array of hearing services to help you take control of your hearing. Below are our current hearing services which you can find at any of our four hearing clinics.

Free Hearing Test

One of our key services is our diagnostic hearing evaluations. Rather than taking a pass/fail hearing screening, a hearing evaluation is a multi-part test in which our hearing specialists check multiple routes to determine if hearing loss is present and to what extent the hearing loss has affected you. Some of the parts of the hearing evaluation you may undergo are:

  • Pure air conduction
  • Bone conduction
  • Auditory brainstem response (ABR)
  • Word recognition and response
  • Distortion production otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE)
  • Tympanometry

With these tests, our hearing specialists will be able to determine what type of hearing loss you have, if any, and what level of hearing loss you are dealing with at this time. These things are key to effectively treating your hearing loss and is the first step to unlocking the world of sound around you.

Second Opinion

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Hearing Aid Adjustments and Cleaning

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Hearing Aid Services

Should you discover you have a level of sensorineural hearing loss, hearing aids are the best way to correct that loss. We offer a variety of hearing aid services to help you overcome your hearing loss and keep your devices in top working condition.

Hearing Aid Dispensing

Hearing aids from top hearing aid manufacturers are only available through approved hearing aid dispensers such as our hearing clinics. Through our hearing clinics, you can have access to most major hearing aid brands, giving you countless hearing aid options from Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids to invisible hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Fitting And Programming

Once you receive your hearing aids, they will need to be adjusted to fit you perfectly, as these devices are not one-size-fits-all. We can fit your hearing aids in-office, so be sure to tell us if something isn’t working for you.

Also, along with the physical fit of your hearing aids, it is important that your hearing aids are programmed to assist with your particular hearing loss needs. Our hearing specialists can work with you to adjust the programming on your hearing aids, so you receive the right sound quality for your needs.

Custom Earmolds

One way we can ensure your hearing aids are fitted to your needs is the fabrication of custom earmolds. These custom earmolds can make the wearing of your hearing aids more comfortable and provide you with a better quality of sound.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Unless you have rechargeable hearing aids, you will need hundreds if not thousands of hearing aid batteries over the lifetime of your hearing aids. To help you buy in bulk and ensure you have the right hearing aid batteries, you can come to one of our hearing clinics, and one of our staff will help you find the right batteries.

Hearing Aid Repairs And Cleaning

As hearing aids are tiny computers with many small parts and you are expected to use them daily over their 3-5 year lifespans, it is likely that you will require repairs to be made to them. At Hearing Healthcare Centers, we provide in-office hearing aid repairs to keep your hearing in top-notch order. Also, if we cannot repair your devices in-office, we can send them to the manufacturer for you so your hearing aids can be repaired.

Along with hearing aid cleaning, we recommend you have your hearing aids professionally cleaned on a regular basis. We have specialized tools which allow us to clean your hearing aids more thoroughly than you are able to at home, and regular professional cleanings can help prolong the lifespan of your hearing aids.

Some hearing aids are more prone to collecting earwax and other clogging debris, so be sure to ask one of our hearing specialists how often your hearing aids should be brought in for a cleaning.

Tinnitus Treatment

Living with tinnitus can be a struggle, and many people with severe tinnitus struggle with depression, irritability, and overall lower quality of life. To help you successfully manage your tinnitus, we offer tinnitus services at all of our hearing clinics.

Tinnitus Counseling And Education

There is a good deal of misinformation surrounding tinnitus, mostly due to people trying to sell a cure. The truth is, there is no cure for tinnitus, but there are effective ways to manage tinnitus so it does not disrupt your day-to-day activities.

To help you learn about tinnitus, we offer tinnitus education with our hearing specialists so you can have the most accurate information possible. Along with learning more about tinnitus, we also provide one-on-one counseling, as tinnitus is a highly individual struggle.

Tinnitus Treatment Options

Along with learning more about tinnitus and being counseled by one of our hearing specialists, there are other tinnitus treatment options we proved at our hearing clinics.

  • Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) - During TRT, our hearing specialists will help you train your brain to hear and process your tinnitus without it creating such a significant impact on your life. Once your brain can file away the sound of your tinnitus as an everyday noise, you can have a significant decrease in the impact of your tinnitus.
  • Sound generators - There are sound generators which can help manage your tinnitus, some which you can carry around to help you with a tinnitus flare-up and others which you just use at night, which is when many people have more severe tinnitus symptoms.
  • Tinnitus support hearing aids - Hearing aids are not only for those struggling with hearing loss. Many hearing aids are now being developed with tinnitus support, so you can have soothing background sound to distract from your tinnitus.

Other Hearing-Related Services

There are other hearing-related services which we offer which can help you enjoy greater hearing and comfort.

  • Aural rehabilitation - Depending on how long you have been struggling with untreated hearing loss, it can be tough to re-acclimate to hearing with the help of hearing aids. We offer aural rehabilitation, which helps you to learn new listening strategies to help you recalibrate your hearing.
  • Hearing aid accessories - There are many hearing aid accessories which can be paired with your hearing aids, from cell phone accessories to devices you can pair with your TV to stream the sound directly to your hearing aids. Be sure to talk to our hearing specialists about hearing aid accessories that can be paired with your hearing aids for greater utility.
  • Cerumen removal - Cerumen (earwax) can make tinnitus worse, block your hearing, and damage your hearing aids. You can have cerumen safely removed by one of our hearing specialists.
  • Hearing protection - Whether you have perfect hearing or are already dealing with hearing loss, hearing protection is important to guard your hearing against damage. We can help you determine what type of hearing protection you need, create custom earplugs or earmolds for you, and order in specialty protection if needed.

If you have been looking for hearing specialists who will listen to you and help you find the right hearing solutions, then you need to contact us for an appointment and visit with our hearing specialists at one of our Hearing Healthcare Centers. We have offices in:

At any of these locations, you can access our excellent hearing services and start the process towards reconnecting with the world of sound around you.