Start Your Path To Better Hearing

Hearing Aid Fitting

While there may be only a handful of hearing aid styles, these devices are far from being one-size-fits-all devices. For you to enjoy the best hearing and comfort possible, our hearing specialists at Hearing Healthcare Centers provide hearing aid fittings.

Start Your Hearing Aid Fitting With A Hearing Evaluation

To ensure your hearing aids are right for you, our hearing specialists will need to perform a hearing evaluation. This evaluation checks for:

  • What type of hearing loss you have
  • How advanced your hearing loss is currently
  • If one ear has different hearing loss level than the other
  • Any high-frequency hearing loss
  • Speech recognition damage

After our comprehensive hearing evaluation, the hearing specialist you are working with will consult with you about the results of your test. Once you understand your hearing loss, our hearing specialist will move forward with your hearing aid fitting.

Our Hearing Specialists Consider Your Lifestyle

Beyond your degree of hearing loss, our hearing specialists make a point to take your lifestyle need into consideration when discussing your hearing aid options. While your hearing needs will take precedence, there are many ways for our hearing specialists to work with you to find hearing aids which fit in with your lifestyle needs, whether you are a part-time caregiver for your grandchildren or need adaptable hearing aids for a busy office. Some lifestyle factors you may want to consider discussing with our hearing specialists are:

Do You Use A Lot Of Technology?

If you are comfortable with technology and tend to use things like a smartphone, smart TV, and other devices, you may like more tech-packed hearing aids. There are various hearing aids which allow you to sync with your smartphone and other devices as well as coming with other engaging features if you are interested in more advanced hearing aids.

Have Tinnitus Symptoms Become A Problem?

Hearing loss and tinnitus are often connected problems. If you have noticed that your tinnitus symptoms have increased, it can be a side-effect of your hearing loss.

This problem can be addressed as you work with our hearing specialist to find the right hearing aids, as there are many models and brands which have developed hearing aids with tinnitus support. With this support, you can take control of your hearing loss and your tinnitus at the same time.

What Do Your Days Generally Look Like?

Our hearing specialists can tailor their hearing aid recommendations to what will best suit your life. If you are a primary caregiver for a young child who is likely to grab at visible hearing aids, then hearing aids which rest inside the ear canal may be ideal for you. Or, if you work in an office where your hearing needs to be sharp for meetings, our hearing specialists can find you hearing aid options to compliment that need.

Do You Have Any Dexterity Issues?

For those who struggle with dexterity, especially fine motor control of their hands, hearing aids can be tricky to use. If dexterity is an issue for you, then our hearing specialists can work with you to find hearing aids that are easier to manage.

Hearing Aid Options Are Available

The hearing aid industry has many hearing aid manufacturers, which means you have plenty of options available when it comes to choosing your future hearing aids. As the Hearing Healthcare Centers are all independent clinics, we can offer hearing aids from any hearing aid manufacturer that you are interested in.

As you consider your hearing aid options, there are some ways you can narrow down your options to a more manageable amount. Some common things our hearing specialists have heard as they help people sift through their hearing aid options are:

  • I don’t want my hearing aids to be noticeable. There are a couple of ways you can go around choosing hearing aids which aren’t overly visible. One way is by choosing hearing aids which either blend in with your skin tone or hair. While it often isn’t a perfect match, the hearing aid casing is less visible if it is a relatively close color.
  • My friend has that brand of hearing aids and doesn’t like them. If you are concerned about a brand of hearing aids, our hearing specialists can allow you to test a pair to see if you have the same issue. However, if you are just not interested, it is no problem. We have access to all major hearing aid brands and can easily find you a pair of hearing aids from another brand.
  • Dealing with hearing aid batteries sounds like a hassle. Larger hearing aid batteries generally last longer than the smaller hearing aid batteries, so if you want to change your hearing aid batteries less often, finding hearing aids which take the largest batteries can be an option. Or, you can skip the disposable batteries altogether and ask our hearing specialists to tell you more about rechargeable hearing aids.
  • Having a hearing aid in my ear sounds uncomfortable. Hearing aids are often custom-made to fit your ear and should not be uncomfortable. If you do experience discomfort, our hearing specialist can help adjust your hearing aids or recast the casing mold. You can also work with our hearing specialists to find hearing aids which make minimal contact with your ear canal.

Past Hearing Aids Can Help You Choose New Devices

If you have had hearing aids before, you can use your experience with them to help you select new hearing aids with our hearing healthcare specialists. Even if that experience wasn’t positive overall, you can still use the information you learned about your old hearing aids to help our specialists find your new hearing aids.

Some questions our hearing specialists may ask you about your old hearing aids are:

  • What were some things you like about your hearing aids?
  • Were your hearing aids in the way of your activities or accessories?
  • Were there any issues with your old hearing aids?
  • How comfortable a fit did you experience with your hearing aids?

Feel free to be open with our hearing specialists. The more they understand about your experience with hearing aids so far will help them better tailor your next set of hearing aids more exactly to your needs.

Order New Hearing Aids

One of our main hearing services is hearing aid dispensing. As there are literally thousands of hearing aids you could potentially choose from, our hearing specialists work through the entire hearing aid fitting process before reaching the step where you choose your hearing aids. That way, our hearing specialists can better guide your selection options.

We also carry several brands and types of hearing aids in our hearing clinics. That way, when you are in our office, you can test out various styles of hearing aids and brands and become familiar with them before ordering. It is also possible that you will be able to order and have a trial period with your hearing aids, depending on the hearing aids you are interested in choosing.

Also, if there are any financial concerns about your future hearing aids, don’t worry. Hearing Healthcare Centers offers various financing options, and we will work with you to find the best option for you.

Hearing Aid Fitting Process At Hearing Healthcare Centers

Once your chosen hearing aids arrive, one of our hearing specialists will contact you. When you come in to pick up your hearing aids, our specialists will program your hearing aids, tailoring them to suit your hearing needs.

After the hearing aids are programmed to your satisfaction, our hearing specialists will have you set up a follow-up appointment to ensure your hearing aids are meeting your needs.

To work with one of our excellent hearing specialists, contact us today to set up an appointment. We will do our best to help you regain your connection with the world of sound around you.