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Why Wearing 2 Hearing Aids Is Better Than 1


A question that our hearing specialists have been asked at our Hearing Healthcare Centers is if there really is a difference between wearing one hearing aid versus wearing a pair of hearing aids.

The short answer is, yes, there are major differences between wearing one hearing aid or two, and wearing two hearing aids is significantly better for a variety of reasons.


Keep Your Hearing Healthy

Those who have hearing loss in both ears but opt for only one hearing aid are doing their ears a disservice. While the one ear with the hearing aid will have support to listen to the world around it, the neglected ear will often become worse, causing lopsided hearing loss. Also, another noted side effect is that when only one hearing aid is used in the place of two hearing aids, people often decline in their ability to hear and recognize words.

With two hearing aids working in concert, you can help protect your hearing from progressive hearing loss and other cognitive issues.


Enjoy Better Listening Experiences

Before receiving hearing aids, many people with hearing loss have become accustomed to having to shift their heads and listen intently when they want to hear what is going on. While one hearing aid can improve this by providing a side where a person can hear more clearly, having only one “good ear” can increase frustration

This frustration is often due to the fact that even if you have one hearing aid, your other ear without the hearing aid is still capturing sound, albeit, not as well as your ear with a hearing aid. With only one ear accurately able to hear with a hearing aid, it can sound like you are listening to conversations and other sounds through a layer of interference as your ear without the hearing aid tries to provide you with insight

By having dual hearing aids, you can enjoy clearer hearing in both ears and not feel like you are fighting to capture the sounds around you.


Help With Sound Directionality And Balance

Have you ever been in an area that tended to echo, making it hard to tell what direction the sound was coming from? Well, while your head may not echo by wearing just one hearing aid rather than two, it can create the same disorienting effect

Imagine this—you faintly hear someone calling your name. But with just one ear which receives clear sound, it is likely that you have to keep turning until you can pinpoint the direction the sound is coming from. Also, as our hearing and balance are intimately tied, having unbalanced hearing can lead to more balance issues and falls

Using two hearing aids can cancel out most sound directionality issues as it assists you with your balance.

Feel Greater Satisfaction With Your Hearing Aids

Lastly, but importantly, using two hearing aids often leads to greater satisfaction overall with your hearing aids. Instead of having to make do with one hearing aid, you can hear clearly and enjoy all the benefits of wearing two modern hearing aids.

To work with our hearing specialists to overcome your hearing loss, contact us for an appointment. We look forward to helping you achieve the best hearing possible!