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5 Long Term Side-Effects Of Untreated Hearing Loss


Some people delay their visit to our hearing specialists at Hearing Healthcare Centers, believing that their hearing loss isn’t that big an issue or that they can just live with it. However, there are some serious side-effects over the long term if you choose to leave your hearing loss untreated.

  1. Progressive Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is not a static condition, particularly if it is not being treated. What many people don’t understand is that once their hearing has become damaged, the damage will usually lead to more hearing loss

Say you have mild hearing loss. That hearing loss will cause you to turn up the volume on your devices, and it’s likely you won’t notice how loud somethings can become since you don’t have your full range of hearing. This increase in sound to penetrate your mild hearing loss will lead to further hearing loss until you are finally treated.

  1. Reduce Ability To Perform At Work

While it is clearly illegal to discriminate against someone with hearing loss, if you have untreated hearing loss, it is likely you will find you have a reduced ability to perform at work

With untreated hearing loss, it is harder to coordinate with co-workers and supervisors. Meetings in particular can become difficult, as meeting rooms often have an echo, and if several people speak, it can be hard for someone with hearing loss to follow the thread of the conversation. Job performance tends to slip when these factors are present until the hearing loss is treated with properly fitted hearing aids.

  1. Rise In Social Isolation And Depression

It is often not the intention of others to isolate someone with untreated hearing loss. However, those who haven’t taken care of their hearing loss often feel uncomfortable in social situations, as these situations are highly dependent on good communication, which is difficult with hearing loss. As a person with untreated hearing loss endures growing discomfort, they often choose to isolate themselves

But, as humans are innately social, this social isolation often takes a toll on a person’s mental health, making depression also common among those with untreated hearing loss.   

  1. Greater Number Of Falls

Your hearing and balance are often interconnected systems. When untreated hearing loss is allowed to continue, it can also mask other inner ear issues which are associated with balance

Along with masking issues, long term untreated hearing loss can reduce your overall awareness of your surroundings, making you more prone to falling.

  1. Increase In Cognitive Decline Risks

Perhaps the most intimidating side effect of untreated hearing loss is the increased risk of cognitive decline. Researchers have found that those who have untreated hearing loss are at a significantly high risk to struggle with short-term memory loss, dementia, and other cognitive issues.

If you are ready to have your hearing loss properly treated, contact us for an appointment today. Our hearing specialists always take their time with each patient who visits our office to ensure that they feel heard and their needs are met. So, if you are ready to have your individual needs met, we are ready to help you.